CNP-CryoEquipment represents the Chinese company BTCE for the supply of cryogenic tanks in Europe, South America and Russia. It’s our target to become the leading supplier in these areas for Cryogenic Tanks and Equipment for LIN/LOX/ Lar/ LNG and CO2. This by a strategy of continuous improvement and innovation, strict quality surveillance, and offering “value for money”.

BTCE, as manufacturer is certified according to ISO 9001:2000, EN Code 97/23/EC, PED (Pressure Equipment Directive) and TPED/EC/ADR, Australia/New Zealand AS1210, Malaysia DOSH approval etc.  CNP-CryoEquipment provides as such a wide range of products like tanks with capacities from 3m³ to 500m³ vertical/horizontal bulk tanks; 5m³ to 50m³ trailers, IMDG containers, LNG/CNG Filling Station at different working pressures.

Equally we provide complete “turnkey” solutions for inland waterway vessels that want to convert from Diesel to LNG, or for new ships directly driven on LNG.

btceCNP Cryo Equipment
is partner of BTCE

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