LNG on ships

CNP-CryoEquipment is specialized in the design-, manufacturing-, supply- installation-, commissioning and start-up of “LNG on Ship” systems, in particular for inland waterway vessels.

The systems are compact and standardized :

Compact: *  20ft -30ft or 40ft ISO containerized
Standardized: *  output in gas adjustable between 3 and 8 bar(g)
•    Flow 0 – 1.000 Nm3/h


Client to connect only :

  1. LNG filling connection (bunkering point) : DN50 or 2”.
  2. warm water inlet connection : DN100 or 4”
  3. water outlet connection : DN100 or 4”
  4. gas outlet connection : DN80 or 3”
  5. Instrument air connection : DN20 or 3/4”
  6. Vent stack connection : DN50 or 2”
  7. A main junction box is installed from which client has to take all signals.
  8. Power supply point (to be discussed).

Depending desired autonomy client can opt for 20-30-40 ft container, but can equally stack different containers in order to increase the fuel storage and as such increase the autonomy.